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When fashion stores flooded our cities, many people began to snatch cheap offers and carry them, believing that at last life was a success and the “gray scoop” remained in the distant past. But over the past few years, we have begun to learn so much about what is really behind the fashion trade – from excessive slave labor and poisonous chemicals in uncontrolled waste streams – that the belief of casual shopping fills me with a sense of guilt.

Ethical clothing, vegan shoes: ethical clothing

As a result, my approach has changed. My trip to shops became a purposeful and somewhat painful process, which I do only when absolutely necessary. When I need a specific thing, I follow roughly this plan. morans

Second-hand machines and shops

As for children’s clothes, we rent it to commission shops and recently there are a lot of it and it’s almost all new. Children are given a lot of clothes to us by relatives from Europe and China and a part, children do not have time to put on, grow out of it. In the commission you can also find strollers and bicycles and many different toys. In second-hand stores you can find new things of famous brands, you can allow yourself to buy unethical clothes to prolong its life. The beautiful clothes for you are perfect here.

Internet shops

If the necessary thing cannot be found in the commission and on the second, you can search the Internet. Now more and more manufacturers are trying to make eco-friendly things from organic tissues. Of course, often this clothing is more expensive than usual and it takes a long time to put aside the right amount. But then you appreciate it more and take responsibility more than usual.

Local shops and benches

We do not yet have certified organic clothing stores, where you can just come and take eco-friendly clothing. There are local groups in social networks where different things are exhibited; sometimes there is an organic product.

Exchange of things

Our cabinets and dressers are full of things and we sometimes do cleaning there. Part of the things we bring to relatives in the village, part of it is sent to charity. But there are new expensive things in which we do not go any more, they can be exchanged for the exchange of things. Now this movement is gaining momentum and there you can pick up interesting expensive things, very ethical.

The final stop (and the heaviest): Getting by without buying is a worthy option. It’s difficult, but patience pays off. When we go shopping, we usually find what we need. Most often, this is an emotional purchase and when the fog dissipates, we find that this thing we really do not need. And this is very sad.

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